Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Waiting in Friendly's" 12-26-08

I did this sketch obviously while waiting to eat at Friendly's in Endicott NY. I went to visit my dad and family after Christmas, always taking my sketchbook with me, like a little kid I need to keep occupied! I originally drew this with a pencil and kneaded rubber eraser, hiding it under the table as I drew. I try not to be too obvious when I draw people in public, they can start to feel like you're staring at them. I try to get the general person sketch in and some lines of the furniture around them, then work on the people leaving furniture for later. You can finish that stuff long after they're gone.

The pencil got so smeared by the time I got back to Buffalo I had to redraw it quickly in pen. So it looks a bit different, but I should learn my lesson by now, graphite just doesn't travel well in a sketchbook that gets moved around a lot.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the little sketches. I am always taking surreptitious reference photos in public places ;)

Mary McAndrew said...

thanks Mary,
I used to draw people all the time when I rode the public bus...poems, people...I called it my "On the Bus series". I focus on nature, but when you're just out and about, it's cool to capture some part of your day.