Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Sunrise Oil Pastel" 2-11-08

Late last night I decided to play with my oil pastels while watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Well between scenes of Captain Nemo and Kirk Douglas I did a painting 9x12" on canvas paper. I worked from a photo I took just the other morning when I did the Sunrise, Coffee and PJ's post. So you'll see a similarity between the sunrise paintings, but in this one the sun is UP now, more contrast in the clouds and color in the sky.

The canvas paper is something I've never used oil pastels on, but it's supposed to be good because it's coated with gesso to protect the paper from the oils in the pastels. I liked how easy it was to smear or blend BUT...I did not like how soon everything got too slippery to add more color.
I will try the Fredrix brand of canvas paper next to see how that behaves, it's real canvas in a tablet form. The one I used for my 'sunrise' painting is Daler-Rowney oil painting paper. Besides trying out the Fredrix brand I'll also try gessoing some illustration board and see how that works. I have a feeling I'll like it without the weave and still be able to play around with linseed oil or turpintine if I want. This isn't something I have ever used with my oil pastel paintings, but I would like to try it more and you can't use these mediums if you are working on regular paper.
I hope you liked my Sunrise!