Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Quick Watercolor of an Iris"

This is a watercolor I did of an iris that I approached spontaneously. No sketch, just direct painting with the brush, I did it rather quickly in a regular sketchbook (thin paper). I'll have to get my chinese brushes out and 'brush up' with them, I used to paint everything with them!


Carol said...

Hi Mary - I saw your comment on my iris study and was looking at your blogs when I found this. Beautiful! Fun that it was the same color as the one I was working on. I just love the deep purple next to the bright yellow. Very helpful to see the stages you posted as you created this.

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Carol-yes, don't you just love the purply blue next to the velvety deep yellow?? When you stop to look close at small things in nature, it can really be exciting!
Thanks for checking my blog, I need to add a bit more to this one, my Nature Sketching blog gets all the attention these days!